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  • Advertisement title: [FS] 5m Slingshot Turbine 2017
  • Price: 350 USD
  • Date: Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:57 pm

  • Description:

    Selling my 5m slingshot Turbine. Its still shrink wrapped and is brand new.

    The reason I am selling it so cheaply is that I am slingshot employee so get new kites at cost every 300 days and I like to pass on the deal to the next person. I promise you this is the best deal you will find in terms of the quality of the gear you are getting relative to the price.

    I am selling the kite only but if you need a bar I can get you one cheaply.

    This kite is killer for foiling and big air. Its high aspect shape is super efficient so its got a high top speed, goes upwind better than anything in the slingshot lineup and jumps really high if you're feeling brave. Downside is the turning radius isn't great but because its such a small kite I've found that I can fly it when everyone else is on 7m kites and because its so much smaller and faster it turns out about the same as the 7m.

    This is a high performance kite. I recommend them for foiling because they have a lot of bar pressure which makes it easier to unweight your feet and move around. Check out videos of Fred Hope or Adam Withington foiling, they are on Turbines.

    I need to check what colors it is (like I said I've never open it up).

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