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  • Advertisement title: 2015 F-One Hydrofoil full carbon
  • Price: 690 USD
  • Date: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:31 pm

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    Hi all!
    Getting rid of my full carbon F-One hydrofoil from 2015 (their first set).
    it comes with the 600 front wing.
    I learned to foil on it so it's doable but i would recommend something bigger if you're a complete noob. Now if you're intermediate and want to get some speed without spending more than $2,000 then this would be the set you've been looking for.
    The full carbon set from 2018 goes for $2,400 before taxes right now.
    Offers won't be ignored so you can always shoot as long as it's not ridiculous. :)
    Thanks for looking!

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