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  • Advertisement title: [FS] 14m Best Nemesis kite, bar and lines
  • Price: 250 USD
  • Date: Sun May 11, 2014 1:20 am

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    14 M Nemesis Bow kite for sale. Just purchased and installed full kite bridle set ($125). 2 new strut bladders. Excellent upwind ability, fast turning, and good power. Great kite for beginner to intermediate rider. Very forgiving and stable for riding the bay. Bag included. Bar and lines in fair condition.

    SUMMARY: (From Kiteworld Mag)
    Good looking kite with bomb proof construction and great ease-of-use make this a great buy. Over the two days we rode it, we felt the kite could have held a lot more power, and the boosts would have been even bigger. We definitely went higher than anyone else on the beach with the HP. Performs well unhooked, although isn't ultimately designed for freestyle, but will definitely allow you to perform some fun tricks without too much fuss. Tough build quality, good relaunch, solid power and smooth depower will see this kite continue to be a top choice for enthusiasts.

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