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  • Advertisement title: Three *great* kites (2008-2011 range)
  • Price: 700 USD
  • Date: Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:05 pm

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    Three *great* kites (2008-2011 range), ready to sell. I have been kiting for 10+ years, and these kites have been taken good care of: no crashes, no sun exposure etc. The only reason I am selling is because I treated myself to a complete new set, yea!

    North Vegas 9m 2011 (white). In excellent condition.

    North Vegas 12m 2008 (blue) and North Vegas 10m 2008 (red). Both kites have been used moderately. With a few panels were wearing thin on the 12m, I put some re-enforcing sail tape on it (in matching color, you will not notice). Both kites need a valve replacement on the strut, est. cost $30 per kite. I can have both kites fixed by AirTime and have them shipped directly to you from there.

    Pricing (excl. shipping/fixes):
    12m: $250
    10m: $200
    9m: $450

    If you buy the entire set: $700 (or $200 discount). This is ideal for someone who is getting into the sport: you will have a full quiver (= all winds) at minimal cost and not have to worry too much about banging them up during your first year. All these kites will fly with any North bar.

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